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Wholesome Handmade Soap

Begin the day with wholesome soap! Using time-honored cold-process soaping methods, we turn luxurious butters, nutritious vegetable oils, botanicals, clays & pure essential oils into bars of mildly cleansing soap with abundant lather.

Sunshine & Honey Avocado Oil Soap

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Sunshine & Honey Avocado Oil Soap


Happy and bright, like warm sunshine!  Not only does this soap smell like sunshine, but it's also really great for the skin.  We started with our soothing Avocado Oil soap base and added a few things that help to balance and clarify the skin - Honey, Tea Tree Oil & Clary Sage!  Customers who use our Avocado and Oatmeal soap for their face will probably love Sunshine & Honey.

This soap is made of saponified oils (distilled water, sodium hydroxide, avocado oil, castor oil, coconut oil, palm oil & sunflower oil), botanicals (honey), & essential oils (clary sage, lemongrass, spearmint & tea tree).

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Tea Tree Oil, Clary Sage & Lemongrass are all three essential oils known for their balancing benefits to the skin.  Honey has been used for centuries to improve the complexion and bring non-comedogenic moisture to dull skin.  This soap is worth trying on the trouble-prone skin of the body or face.

About our Avocado Oil Soap Formula:  Avocado Oil is considered a highly therapeutic oil by both skin experts and nutritional gurus.  When used in soapmaking, its remarkable quality is that an extraordinarily high percentage of the healthful compounds actually stay intact during saponification and therefore can bring their goodness to bear on your skin every time you use the soap.  While we can’t give away our amazing formula, we can tell you that we don’t skimp on the good stuff.  Where most soaps claiming to contain Avocado Oil (or other top notch oils, like Shea Butter) will contain only a token amount for label appeal, our finer oils are actually among the major players in the formula!   Our Avocado Oil formula is rounded out with Castor, Coconut, Palm & Sunflower oils, (no Olive!), which result in a silky, nourishing lather that is perfectly suited for those with sensitive skin.