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So how did we get on this path?  We needed to find better skin care solutions for our kids.  They had skin issues and steroid creams weren't solving them.  Our innate curiosity about science (Mr. G.) and love for botanicals (Gigi) took over and led us to think about things more deeply and experiment freely.  We were surprised at how available and effective plants and oils could be.  Their beauty and simplicity just won us over.

About our formulas, you can count on a few things. 

  • Excepting soap (where water is a required component for saponification), we do not use water based ingredients.

  • We don't use preservatives. While preservatives in skincare products may prove to be completely harmless at the end of the day, they're totally unnecessary when you eliminate water from the formula.

  • We don't use fragrance oils. The scents in our products come either from the natural aromas of the unrefined ingredients or from essential oils. We're actually not trying to keep up with Bath & Body Works®. When we say Lavender, we mean real oil from Lavender plants, not Lavender fragrance. Most of our leave-on skin products are unscented because there’s just less allergic reactions and rashes that way.

We've tried lots of herbs, oils and techniques along the way.  What we offer here is the stuff that works.  We're committed to providing our customers and their families with products that have true effectiveness. We don't skimp on sourcing the best ingredients we can find because we want every batch to be the best it can be. 

One final note. Our trips to the health food stores have frequently left us wailing and rending our clothes:  why do natural product labels have to be so ugly?  Beautiful products should be packaged beautifully!  We strive to do just that.  Just like our recipes, we create original designs for all our products from scratch, ourselves.  Our dear customers should have a wholly satisfying experience from the moment they first peruse the label to when they set our products on their vanity.

Thanks for visiting!  

Mr. G & Gigi

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