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Wholesome Handmade Soap

Begin the day with wholesome soap! Using time-honored cold-process soaping methods, we turn luxurious butters, nutritious vegetable oils, botanicals, clays & pure essential oils into bars of mildly cleansing soap with abundant lather.

Balcony Garden Avocado Oil Soap

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balcony garden Main.jpg
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Balcony Garden Avocado Oil Soap


Two of my favorite annual plants to grow in containers are Basil & Geraniums.  After a visit to Austria and Slovenia this summer, I was totally enamored with the sheer number of balcony and windowsill plantings, in particular these two: Basil & Geraniums.  I came home inspired to make some soap that contains the real essence of these plants.  The Basil-inspired soaps usually found at popular Bath and Body shops are actually quite insipid compared to the Fresh, Warm & Spicy scent of crushed Basil leaves.  Paired with the Heady Floral essence of Rose Geranium, Basil is balanced while kept Bright.  I hope you enjoy this herbaceous soap as much as I do.  Close your eyes and imagine running your hands through the plants in your summer balcony garden - a treat that can be enjoyed in any season!

This soap is made of saponified oils (distilled water, sodium hydroxide, avocado oil, castor oil, coconut oil, palm oil & sunflower oil) & pure essential oils (Basil, Rose Geranium & Ylang Ylang).
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