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Wholesome Handmade Soap

Begin the day with wholesome soap! Using time-honored cold-process soaping methods, we turn luxurious butters, nutritious vegetable oils, botanicals, clays & pure essential oils into bars of mildly cleansing soap with abundant lather.

Amaretti Organic Milk Soap

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Amaretti Organic Milk Soap


Richly scented with pure Almond essential oil, the soap lathers up to reveal smooth, sweet notes of Vanilla-like Benzoin, Nutmeg and Ylang Ylang.  This soap is like a good wine:  it gets better with age.  It mellows and rounds out into soap fit for royalty! (Contains Dairy).

This soap is made of saponified oils (distilled water, sodium hydroxide, avocado oil, beeswax, castor oil, palm oil & sunflower oil), fresh certified organic milk, fresh certified organic cream, & pure essential oils (almond, benzoin, nutmeg & ylang ylang).

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About our Organic Milk Soap Formula:  Milk soaps have long held a special place in the history of bathing.  The nourishing, silky proteins, vitamins and fats found in animal milks have been part of skin beauty treatments dating all the way back to Ancient Egypt!  Our own Milk Soap base formula begins with our Avocado Oil Soap Formula and includes wholesome Beeswax plus a generous helping of Fresh Certified Organic Milk & Cream from one of our local Amish Dairy Farmers (living in Pennsylvania has a lot of perks and Amish farms are among them!)  The final bars made from our Milk Soap base are distinctly more moisturizing than our other soaps, making them the obvious choice for distressed, dry skin, babies, as a facial soap and even hair.  (We recommend using bar soap for hair only if you have soft water.) If you find that bar soap tends to dry out your skin, we highly recommend you try one of our Certified Organic Milk Soaps and let us know what you think!