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Baby Skin Care

We invite you to embrace your motherly instincts.  Be choosy about what you put on tender skin.

BabyBird Tailfeathers Zinc Cream

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BabyBird Tailfeathers Zinc Cream


A cult favorite, our customers buy more Tailfeathers Zinc Cream than any other BabyBird product!  Our unique combination of Calendula, Comfrey & Plantain provide a powerhouse of herbal helps for battling common diaper area problems.  Purposefully combined with Lanolin, Organic Castor Oil and Zinc Oxide, our thick, creamy balm is sure to please fastidious mommies.  Provides a fantastic moisture barrier, while the sticky texture keeps the herbal extracts against the skin, longer.  Unscented with essential oils, which we think is best for tender skin.  (Best used with a disposable diaper or diaper liner.)

5 oz plastic jar

Ingredients:  Lanolin, Zinc Oxide*, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Castor Oil, Organic Calendula Flowers, Beeswax, Plantain Leaf, Comfrey Leaf, Mango Butter & Vitamin E Oil.
* We use large particle Zinc Oxide, proven not to absorb into the skin, but to create a soothing layer on the surface until wiped away.
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By eliminating water from our (happily, fully disclosed!) formulas, we side-step the potential landmines of preservatives, parabens and other questionable ingredients.  Instead, we select universally established wholesome ingredients because they are proven effective and work beautifully.  The end result is a concentrated product that is chock-full of the hard working compounds that actually benefit the skin directly. 

All of the herbals used in our products are carefully prepared in house, using quality Organic herbal material and traditional extract methods.  Included in our products are only the herbs we have tested and found to truly be effective on our own skin!